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Course Offerings

Al Monshower instructs continuing education courses for the Maryland Association of REALTORS®, Inc. at the MAR Annual Conference and for the Cecil County Board of REALTORS®, Inc.; the Howard County Association of REALTORS®, Inc.; the Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS®, Inc.; the Prince George’s County Association of REALTORS®, Inc.; the Pen-Mar Association of REALTORS®, Inc.; and The Frederick Academy of Real Estate, an independent, accredited Maryland real estate school (Monshower, Miller & Magrogan, LLP, including its partners, has no ownership interest in the Frederick Academy of Real Estate).

Listed below are the courses Al teaches in locations throughout the State of Maryland.

TOPIC A (Required Topic)
Legal and Legislative Update

  • Legal and Legislative Update (3.0 hr.)
  • Legal and Legislative Update (3.0 hr.)

TOPIC C (Required Topic)
Fair Housing Laws

  • Fair Housing Advertising Requirements (1.5 hr.)
  • Fair Housing and the Real Estate Licensee (3.0 hr.)
    Federal, State and Local Laws

TOPIC D (Required Topic)
Maryland Code of Ethics and Predatory Lending

  • Code of Ethics and Predatory Lending Practices (3.0 hr.)

TOPIC F (Professional Enhancement)

  • Advertisement and Advertising Obligations of Real Estate Licensees (3.0 hr.)
  • Agency Disclosure (1.5 hr.)
  • Bankruptcy (3.0 hr.)
  • Commercial Real Estate Hot Buttons (3.0 hr.)
  • Contract Offers (3.0 hr.)
    Preparing, Presenting Counter-offers, Multiple Offers and Back-up Offers
  • Contracts – Formation and Termination (3.0 hr.)
  • FHA Financing (3.0 hr.)
  • Foreclosures (3.0 hr.)
  • Legal Hot Buttons – Self-Assessment Evaluation – How Did You Do?
  • Maryland Commercial Real Estate Broker’s Lien Act (1.5 hr.)
  • Property Condition Disclosure (3.0 hr.)
  • Procuring Cause and Buyer Agency (3.0 hr.)
  • Maryland Contract Law Review and Update (3.0 hr.)
    Residential Contract of Sale
  • Maryland Residential Property Disclosure/Disclaimer Act (3.0 hr.)
  • Maryland Real Estate License Law – What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You (3.0 hr.)
  • Real Estate Legal Hot Buttons (1.5 hr.)
  • Real Estate Legal Hot Buttons (3.0 hr.)
  • Representing the Buyer Client (3.0 hr.)
    Intra-Company Agent and Presumption of Buyer Agency (Advanced Course)
  • Risk Reduction for Real Estate Licensees (3.0 hr.)
    Legal and Practical Issues
  • Risk Reduction For Brokers, Managers and Team Leaders (1.5 hr.)
  • Short Sales – What Every Licensee Must Know (3.0 hr.)
  • Use of Personal Assistants (1.5 hr.)

TOPIC H (Required Topic)

  • Agency – Commercial (3.0 hr.)
  • Agency – Residential (3.0 hr.)
    The Maryland Real Estate Licensing Reform Act

TOPIC I (Required Topic)
Broker Manager and Team Leader Supervision

  • Broker Supervision (3.0 hr.)